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Alpine Tree, 6ft (5.25 ft after bend). Bendable Christmas Whoville Grinch Tree

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  • 6 feet tall pre-bend
  • Grinch style artificial Christmas tree
  • Natural looking foliage, a solid wood trunk, and a metal base
  • Factory-suggested hanging weight is 2.5 lbs on the top bended tips and 1.5 lbs on the tree branches
  • Tree comes unassembled and is easy to put together and take apart for storage
  • Wood trunk
  • Metal stand
  • 1228 tips

For a fun twist on Christmas, replace your old, worn out tree with this Grinch-inspired bendable tree! Purchasing real trees year-after-year is not sustainable nor convenient, putting scratches on the car and walls, requiring daily sweeping for needles then ending with its eventual disposal.

This 6 Ft, Bendable Alpine Tree is a faux pine tree that any Who in Whoville would be proud to display. It features life-like foliage mounted to a solid wood trunk, held up by the sturdy metal base. Our Alpine tree comes in parts that easily assemble, then can be taken apart for manageable storage between holiday seasons. The unique bending top of the tree makes for a sensational finish that will thrill family and visitors.

Tree top is shipped in maximum pre-bent position. Please be cautious of over-bending, which may cause damage to occur. Factory suggested hanging weight is 2½ lbs. on the top, bended tip and 1½ lbs. on the tree branches. Measures 6 feet tall with an approximate 30” diameter.

You’ll be excited year after year to use this tree, but please make sure to be extra vigilant of any furry green strangers!


Question (Cindy) - Could you tell me the widest diameter of the 6’ Alpine bendable Christmas tree ? I need to make sure it will fit in the space.

Answer - We checked our Alpine Tree, 6ft. Bendable Christmas Tree, it is about 30" in diameter.

Question - How tall is this 6ft. Bendable Christmas Tree after bending ?

Answer - .5ft height approx. is bendable in this tree so 6ft will become 5.5 approx. after bent.

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