• Advice For the Gardener Metal Sign

Advice For the Gardener Metal Sign

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  • Galvanized metal sign
  • Two d-ring hangers
  • Weathered green and white finish
  • Garden-themed text
  • Weight - 1.75 lbs.
  • Height - 21.75 in.
  • Width - 0.25 in.
  • Length - 14.50 in.

Advice For the Gardener Metal Sign is a vintage-inspired metal accent piece that features embossed lettering and a distressed finish. Sign has a white and green color-scheme and it looks wonderful in a kitchen, on a covered porch or patio, or in a dining room. It hangs by two d-rings that have been installed at the back and reads, "advice for the gardener - grow peas of mind - lettuce be thankful - squash selfishness - turnip to help thy neighbor - and always make thyme for loved ones" in black lettering. Sign is accented by a decorative garden fork and garden trowel and it features white filigree over its green portions. Measures 14" wide by 20" high.


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