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Alpine Tree, 8 Ft. Bendable Christmas Whoville Grinch Tree

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  • 8 ft height pre-bend
  • wood trunk
  • metal stand
  • 1884 tips

8 Ft, Bendable Alpine Tree is an artificial pine tree with natural looking foliage, a solid wood trunk, and a dark brown metal base. Alpine tree comes unassembled and is easily disassembled for storage. Tree is bendable at the top and looks unique when bent to an angle and its factory-suggested hanging weight is 2½ lbs. on the top bended tips and 1½ lbs. on the tree branches. Measures 8 feet high.

Tree top is shipped in maximum pre-bent position. Please be cautious of overbending, which may cause damage to occur.

Q & A

Question (Amanda Bell) - Are the tree branches attached to the tree or do the clip on separate? Is the trunk all 1 piece?

Answer - The tree trunk is 1 piece with a sec pic of greenery for top and the branches are glued into the trunk. Comes with a stand.


Question - How tall is this 8ft. Bendable Christmas Tree after bending ?

Answer - .5ft height approx. is bendable in this tree so 8ft will become 7.5 approx. after bent.

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