• America Large Wax Warmer Fragrance CWI+

America Large Wax Warmer

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  • Add your favorite scented wax or oil
  • Warming bulb heats dish to release the lovely fragrance!
  • Disperses fragrance quickly.
  • No open flame. Lit bulb shows off attractive design.
  • Pleasant fragrance adds a positive mood to any room.
  • Weight - 1.50 lbs.
  • Height - 6.75 in.
  • Width - 4.00 in.
  • Length - 4.00 in.
  • Material - Ceramic

 America Large Wax/Oil Warmer is a two piece, ceramic warmer that can be used with scented wax or fragrance oils. Warmer is electric and houses a warming halogen bulb that heats the dish to release fragrance quickly, without the worry of an open flame. Warmer has a patriotic design that features an American flag and the word, "America." Measures 6.25" high by 4.25" wide and 4.25" deep with a 3 foot long electric cord and a rotary switch.

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