• Large Plush Furry Wobble Moose w/Grey Hat - The Fox Decor

Large Plush Furry Wobble Moose w/Grey Hat

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  • Freestanding moose doll
  • Metal legs with fuzzy cuffs
  • Grey fuzz covered bodies
  • Matching grey knit hat and scarfs

Large Plush Furry Wobble Moose with Grey Hat is a freestanding moose doll with a wobble design. Moose has a brown plush nose, ears, and antlers and two fuzzy white eyes with black bead pupils. Moose has a matching grey scarf and hat and its hat has an internal metal wire for making adjustments. Moose has long metal legs with grey fur cuffs on its ankles and its metal body is covered with matching grey fur. Moose has an inner spring for its wobble effect and it measures 10.5" high by 5" wide by 8" deep.

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