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Merry Christmas Bulb Wall Hanger

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  • Rustic Christmas ornament sign
  • Embossed lettering displays, "Merry Christmas"
  • Holly berry cutout for added dimension
  • 26" H x 22.5" W - large size really makes a statement!
  • Weight - 4.00 lbs.
  • Height - 26.25 in.
  • Width - 22.85 in.
  • Length - 0.13 in.
  • Material - Metal


Merry Christmas Bulb Wall Hanger is a weathered metal sign with a lightly rusted, aged finish. Hanger has a Christmas bulb shape and features embossed, red painted lettering displaying the phrase, "Merry Christmas." Design is accented with a 3D, green painted holly leaf cutout. Item includes a round loop at the top for wall hanging. Measures 26" high by 22.5" wide and .25" deep.

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