• Morty Rabbit Doll

Morty Rabbit Doll

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  • Dark fabric doll
  • Black and white plaid overalls
  • Carrot and tag accents
  • "Morty"
  • Weight - 0.56 lbs.
  • Height - 24.00 in.
  • Width - 4.00 in.
  • Length - 9.00 in.

Morty Rabbit Doll is a fabric bunny doll with dangly limbs, wired ears, and a weighted bottom for seated display. Morty has a grungy finish that goes great with primitive decor and he wears black and white plaid overalls with a matching fabric ribbon tied around his neck. Doll is accented by an orange fabric carrot, a paper name tag that reads, "Morty," and green raffia tucked into his bottoms and he is perfect for display on stools and risers. Measures 24" high by 9" wide by 4" deep.


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