• Plush Furry Snowman - The Fox Decor

Plush Furry Snowman

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  • Stuffed plush snowman with plus carrot nose
  • Fuzzy white finish and winter clothes
  • Red scarf and striped hat
  • Brown fabric stick arms
  • Weighted bottom

Plush Furry Snowman is a fuzzy fabric snowman doll with a sand-filled, weighted bottom for freestanding display. Snowman wears a red fabric scarf with green fringe and a fabric hat with a white ball at the end and red, grey, and white stripes. Snowman has stick arms that are made from brown-wrapped metal wire arms and an orange fabric nose to accent his smiling face. Snowman looks great alone or with Santa's, gnomes, and other holiday dolls and measures 16" high by 7" wide.

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