• Rainbow Crunch Jar Candle, 26oz

Rainbow Crunch Jar Candle, 26oz

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  • Made in the USA
  • Two wicks
  • Fruity cereal scent
  • 120-140 hour burn time
  • Weight - 2.25 lbs.
  • Country of Origin - United States of America

26oz Rainbow Crunch Jar Candle is a USA made jar candle that is made with a clean-burning blend of paraffin wax. Candle has a fruity cereal scent and its 26-ounce size has a burn time of 120-140 hours. Candle is equipped with two lead-free wicks for a clean and even burn and it is sure to fill a room with its delicious scent within minutes.

Light the Rainbow Crunch Jar Candle to fill your home with this nostalgic childhood scent. The 26 ounce jar candle is made in the USA and features the delicious aroma of crunchy, fruity cereal. It comes with a black scent-lock lid and two lead-free wicks that allow for a clean, long-lasting burn up to 140 hours.


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