• Sage & Citrus Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

Sage & Citrus Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

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  • Made in the USA
  • 155-hour burn time
  • 34 ounces
  • Fresh and zesty scent
  • Weight - 2.75 lbs.
  • Country of Origin - United States of America

Sage & Citrus Papa Jar Candle, 34 oz features the scent of fresh sage and zesty citrus. The 34-ounce jar candle is made in the USA from clean-burning, blended paraffin wax with two lead-free wicks, and has concentrated fragrances for maximum scent throw. Features a black metal lid and a homespun-tied tag and approximately 155 hours of burn life.

Freshen up your kitchen with the USA-made Sage and Citrus Papa Jar Candle. The 34-ounce jar candle is poured with highly scented paraffin wax that features an earthy aroma of sage blended with bright notes of citrus. It features two wicks and comes adorned with a black metal lid, torn fabric ribbon, and specialty gift tag. Burn time is approximately 155 hours. Please remove ribbon and tag before burning.


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